iPad Air 5. Generation display manufacturing defect

Yesterday was supposed to be the day that I finally got my new iPad Air 5. Generation. I headed into the city to our certified Apple reseller, picked it up and went back home. After finishing the setup I realized that the bottom left corner of my display had a small but noticeable shadow.

You can clearly see the shadow in the bottom left corner.
This is how it should normally look. Sharp crisp lines along the display edge.

This shadow starts in the bottom left corner and goes up to about half the height of the display. It’s not really noticeable at first but once you saw it you can never unsee it. Getting a laminated display for working with the Apple Pencil and then still getting a gap like the iPad 9. Generation is a bit funny though.

Kind of annoying too, but what can you do. It always strikes me how a product, so elegantly crafted, can have such manufacturing flaws. Apple’s durability is outstanding but I seem to get flaws in every third product I buy. My iPad Air 4 was heavily bent out of the box; two of my Macbooks had loose magnets in the display behind the camera which you can hear flying around inside while moving the device. But more on those storys in the future!

It is always a pleasure buying a new device full price cash and then sending it in for repair for two weeks while not being able to use it at all.

Anyway, Apple’s warranty service is now taking care of me and I hope to retrieve my iPad Air 5 by the end of the week (they told me it could be fast this time).

Talk to you soon.

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